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Type(s) of Service: Counseling; Outreach; Support Groups To provide weekly art therapy services in a supportive environment, supervised by licensed professionals in counseling and art therapy. The program is also funded to conduct outreach to additional families that may benefit from art therapy services. Who Is Eligible: Bereaved children and their surviving parents. Area(s) Served: New Jersey Language(s) Spoken: English Only Contact: 1-732-787-6503 (General Number) 1-732-264-4111 (Hotline with 24 hour access
  Added: Aug 19, 2005 
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Our vision is to help children that have lost a parent and, as a result, have lost the opportunity to receive the educational opportunities and bereavement counseling they deserve.
  Added: Feb 22, 2005 
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The New York University Child Study Center is dedicated to advancing the field of child mental health through evidence-based practice, science and education. The Center offers expert psychiatric and psychological services for children and their families, with emphasis on early diagnosis and intervention. Our vision is to be the premier source of child mental health information, improve and influence the practice of child mental health professionals, and in doing so, change the face of child mental health. For more information on child mental health, parenting issues or to learn more about a particular mental health disorder, visit the AboutOurKids section.
  Added: Feb 23, 2005 
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Sole focus is to aid and facilitate in the grieving process of people who have been affected by an air crash. By providing access to emotional understanding and assistance to friends and families of crash victims and survivors, ACCESS helps people cope with this nightmare. It is the goal of ACCESS to provide understanding and comfort to victims as they prepare for the future and overcome the challenges that lay ahead, with the support of peers who have traveled a similar journey.
  Added: Feb 22, 2005 
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Counseling; Support for Professionals To provide public school-based interventions in Manhattan and Staten Island to children affected by the events of September 11, including providing services directly to affected youth and supporting and providing consultations to counselors working in schools. Who Is Eligible: Children and youth in families of the bereaved, injured, and evacuated who are attending nine Lower Manhattan schools (PS 19, 64, 142, MS 104, MS 839, the Museum School, Murray Bergtraum HS, HS for Leadership and Public Service and Stuyvesant HS); children and youth whose parents were deployed as responders. Area(s) Served: New York City Language(s) Spoken: English Contact: 1-877-668-AGPA (1-877-668-2472) (General Number)
  Added: Aug 19, 2005 
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To provide mental health services to Asian American victims of 9/11, and to improve the quality and quantity of culturally competent mental health services for this population through the "Building Bridges and Leveraging Assets for Community Recovery Project," which: 1) provides mental health services such as screenings, referrals and treatment; 2) trains to staff working with seniors to increase their awareness of mental health issues; 3) improves resources for connecting individuals with appropriate mental health service providers through the creation of a resource directory and library and provision of expert advisor phone consultations; and 4) provides licensed professionals with Asian language proficiency to enlarge the pool of qualified professionals to serve Asian American clients. Who Is Eligible: Asian American families and other dependents of the deceased, injured survivors and their families, affected residents. Area(s) Served: New York Metro, New Jersey Language(s) Spoken: Mandarin, Hindi, Punjabi, Korean, Cantonese Contact: 1-212-334-5878 (General Number
  Added: Aug 19, 2005 
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To identify Asian American youth who present with a probable 9/11-related psychiatric disorder and connect them to mental health services. APEX will train mental health professionals and caregivers in culturally appropriate therapies for Asian American youth and their families. Who Is Eligible: 9/11 affected youth (ages 11-18) who are primarily low-income Asians of diverse ethnicities and languages; mental health professionals serving Asian Americans; caregivers of 9/11 affected youth. Area(s) Served: New York City, Lower Manhattan Language(s) Spoken: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Korean, Fujianese, Taiwanese Contact: 1-212-748-1225 x11
  Added: Aug 19, 2005 
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