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Citizen Corps, a vital component of USA Freedom Corps, was created to help coordinate volunteer activities that will make our communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to any emergency situation. It provides opportunities for people to participate in a range of measures to make their families, their homes, and their communities safer from the threats of crime, terrorism, and disasters of all kinds.
  Added: Mar 17, 2005 
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Defend America, an official Defense Department website, offers the latest news, photographs, transcripts and other information about the U.S.-led global effort against terrorism.
  Added: Mar 17, 2005 
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Empire State Development (ESD) is the lead economic development entity for New York State. Through various financial and technical assistance programs, Empire State serves both large and small businesses.
  Added: Feb 22, 2005 
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The mission of the FBI is to uphold the law through the investigation of violations of federal criminal law; to protect the United States from foreign intelligence and terrorist activities; to provide leadership and law enforcement assistance to federal, state, local, and international agencies; and to perform these responsibilities in a manner that is responsive to the needs of the public and is faithful to the Constitution of the United States.
  Added: Mar 17, 2005 
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(FEMA) became part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. FEMA's continuing mission within the new department is to lead the effort to prepare the nation for all hazards and effectively manage federal response and recovery efforts following any national incident. FEMA also initiates proactive mitigation activities, trains first responders, and manages the National Flood Insurance Program and the U.S. Fire Administration.
  Added: Feb 22, 2005 
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Public planning agency overseeing the post-9/11 rebuilding and revitalization of Lower Manhattan. Also from the LMDC: information on the memorial competition.
  Added: May 28, 2007 
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Welcome to 9/11 Health, a public information web site developed by the New York City Health Department. This site provides the latest information about scientific research and services for people who may have health problems related to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. The Health Department welcomes visitor feedback and plans to provide additional enhancements over time.
  Added: Jan 22, 2008 
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