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Our intent is to honor those lost, in as personal a manner as possible, by establishing a memorial where families (and, through family tributes, close friends) have kindly given something for us all to see, touch briefly, and better understand the loss we have all suffered. A memorial that has no closing hour. A memorial that may be visited by a young child while in school or an elderly patient confined to a wheelchair or bed. A memorial that can be reached from anywhere in the world... from the comfort of home or from a military base thousands of miles from home. We will do our utmost to provide such a memorial. For, in order to truly honor the victims, we must realize that they were much more than simply entries on a painfully long list of names. We must always remember that with EVERY individual came a story; a history; family and friends; hopes and dreams of tomorrow - all left behind. WE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER THE PEOPLE...
  Added: Feb 23, 2005 
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OUR MISSION: That the 343 firefighters, 37 police officers of the PAPD and the 23 police officers of the NYPD, and all other uniformed rescue workers killed on 9-11, during rescue operations at the World Trade Center, be appropriately remembered, as part of the greater memorial. We ask that their names, along with rank, badge number and unit, be listed alphabetically, by department, just as they would want it. And that the memorial includes language that clearly acknowledges their sacrifice.
  Added: Jun 16, 2005 
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Join us in giving a gift of time, to help preserve the memory, life and legacy of those killed on 9-11-01. This monumental memorial. The Victims Quilt will be dedicated and donated to all families of 9-11. Bill Doyle will accept the quilt on behalf of all 911 families. 7 smaller memorial quilts also being constructed and will be donated to their prospective departments and/or directly to family members as a group. America's 9-11 Memorial Quilts Organization supports those who without hesitation, placed their lives in danger in the search & rescue efforts at Ground Zero, Pentagon and Shanksville and our troops both here and abroad. THANK YOU and know our prayers are with you! Be sure to visit the "Tribute To The Lost" pages of this website as well.
  Added: Feb 22, 2005 
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You can Sponsor a Firefighter or Medic who lost his life on 9-11 This is a living memorial to each firefighter and medic that died on 9-11. We want photos, biographies, stories, poems and anything else you may want to put here. You will be able to access these pages from anywhere on the site, You can get to the page from the Memorial Pages button or Memorial Index button, depending on where you are on this web site. Your name will also appear on the page, as the person Sponsoring a Fallen Hero. (Your Name) has dedicated this page in loving memory of (name of hero) Sponsor A Hero - No fee. Let us honor our brothers
  Added: Feb 23, 2005 
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Cantor Fitzgerald has established the Cantor Relief Fund in an effort to provide financial, emotional and physical support for families of victims of the World Trade Center disaster. In the interest of assisting Cantor families and the families of other companies, Cantor Fitzgerald will be providing ongoing support to this fund. www.cantorrelief.org
  Added: Feb 23, 2005 
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The Center for Democracy and Technology works to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age. With expertise in law, technology, and policy, CDT seeks practical solutions to enhance free expression and privacy in global communications technologies. CDT is dedicated to building consensus among all parties interested in the future of the Internet and other new communications media.
  Added: Jan 25, 2006 
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Many American children are likely to have some personal connection to the victims of the September 11th disasters. If a family member is not involved, a friend or a classmate's family members may be victims in some way. The fact that these events were not limited to one site further increases the fear that such an event could occur close to home. All children need the support of caring adults to help them deal with this crisis.
  Added: Feb 23, 2006 
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