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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 9:00 pm    Post subject: 90 DAY MORATORIUM ON GROUNDBREAKING AT WTC SITE
From Tue Feb 28, 2006 3:00 am to Fri Mar 03, 2006 2:59 am (included)
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Contact: Bill Minson


I started watching 9/11 family members walk into the Armory on 9/13/01 I’ve been watching them, praying for them everyday, ever since. Yesterday I arrived at Ground Zero too late to pray as we’d planned but I did silently anyway. I was elated to see the families gathered once again to “insist” that their loved ones be properly memorialized. I was in court with them recently concerning the issue of Proper Burial with remains on Staten Island. I thank GOD for their strength, I mean real strength!

The presumption is that they have no chance to win, none at all. The odds against them being a serious contender to unbalance Goliath is totally laughable on the surface but the families have a secret weapon. They have the souls of those sacrificed at that site, this Holy Ground. To me, it equals and surpasses praying in Jerusalem or at the Vatican. The souls will be heard!

It is time to put the egos aside and remember that Americas best and brightest died that day, horrible deaths. Let’s find a way to stop suppressing their memories, their service and sacrifice. We can do better and we must do it now. This madness of, “We have plans and we must move on”, is ego on the rampage. No concrete has been poured yet but blood has been spilled. Let’s keep things in order, first we honor and memorialize the sacrifice of the blood, then we build. If we don’t have blueprints for a plan which properly honors the blood according to their next of kin then we have nothing to build.

As the gallant union leaders spoke yesterday they said, the families have a right not to go to an underground memorial”, they said, “the families need our prayers”, they said, “we will not allow this underground memorial to be built or any memorial that doesn’t properly recognize the uniformed members who gave their lives”.

Now, I respectfully submit to the powers that be, take a page from President Bush’s book recently and call a 90 day moratorium to review plans for the World Trade Center Memorial. If you don’t you potentially face being embarrassed into stopping because the families are not going to accept your demands. We have so many other things to positively focus on that this shouldn’t have to happen.

Why do I share this information with you, because this morning I read the translation of an article in the current Paris MATCH DU MONDE Magazine? It’s about a group of 9/11 mothers from Freeport, Long Island. As I began to read it I thought, “most of my crying days are over I can read this without crying; and then I cried”. We don’t put ourselves in the other persons shoes enough in life, if we did we would have more patience, respect, support and prayer then these families have received for losing their most precious. What would you give to have the wife, mom, dad, son or daughter you lost back, if you had it to give? Well right now it’s about what we have to give as decent people, caring individuals and people of GOD. If we were in their shoes would just “anything” be ok to remember and honor their memories.

When the events of 9/11 are experienced by the pilgrims who will journey to this Holy Ground they must be authentic, they must give every family member the right, the desire, the commitment to come to this place of peace, in the light of day, which reflects hope for the future their loved one didn’t live to see. Ground Zero stands as a reminder of the end of complacency, with regard to terror in America. Aren’t you heartbroken for the children who will never know the America that many of us grew up in?

Even in the 11th hour it would be good wisdom and judgment but most of all respectful to call for an immediate 90 day moratorium, halting plans for the groundbreaking this month. This nation will not tolerate all the time that’s passed, all the support and prayers they’ve given to discover that the families have had this underground memorial forced down their throats, further choking off the air so many are still gasping for nearly five years later.

At my home in California yesterday it was 75 degrees, it was between 15-20 degrees at Ground Zero, there’s no place I would rather have been. While I was at home in Santa Monica a few years ago I received a phone call from some of the moms and wives on a Ground Zero related issue. They explained the situation to me and what they had decided to do and they wanted to know if I would come and go to jail with them if that’s what had to happen. I said yes. On the showdown day it was raining and these women came out ready to be arrested if necessary, to sit down in the rain fighting to honor each others loved ones and I just thought to myself, what a blessing to be among them. These family members are only seeking peace and I advise you again, they will not be denied. Remember what they’re fighting for, they do not lack motivation!

At yesterday’s rally one of the moms asked me to hold a sign at the rally. So I looked at it, she looked at me and said, “it’s pretty controversial, are you sure you want to hold it, if not I’ll hold it”. She was holding her sons photo, an FDNY member when he perished on September 11th. I looked at the sign and I looked at her and I thought, “This won’t really help my “want to be diplomatic look on Capitol Hill”. Then I thought, “She lost her son”, end of thought. With great honor I held the sign, thankful that this mother, thrown into history, would ask anything of me to bring her peace. Then I heard the union members speak so passionately about the need for the families to be supported. Now is not the time to be on the fence families, citizens, and uniform service members throughout the nation. I call upon you to invest in “your memorial”, insure that your children will experience the truth about Ground Zero in a dignified manner sanctioned by the family members who lost their loved ones. Contact your representatives and ask them to say no to any funding of an underground memorial at Ground Zero.

Without a moratorium on this months proposed groundbreaking consider the probability that you are making yourselves candidates to be in the mother of all battles over the memorial at Ground Zero, it’s more then a notion!

May GOD bless the families, America and all people of peace in our troubled world.

Reverend Bill Minson, 9/11 Red Cross & Salvation Army chaplain, currently working with 9/11, Oklahoma City & Katrina families. Producing 5th year WE REMEMBER WALKS for 9/11 families and survivors. Email:Revbill@tuday.net.
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