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PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 10:53 pm    Post subject: NOT THE WAY TO STOP GRAFFITI
From Thu Feb 07, 2008 3:00 am to Sun Feb 17, 2008 2:59 am (included)
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There is a story in today’s Advance (see link below) about how City Councilman Vallone wants Arizona Beverages taken off the shelves of stores because he said the design glorifies graffiti.

While we do not condone anything that glorifies graffiti this is once again a campaign that will only hurt the store owners and the truck drivers who deliver the product.

Instead of contacting the company directly and raising this concern and maybe coming to an agreement to stop using the design and possibly having the company help support anti graffiti efforts this is the route that is taken.

Too often this happens.

It is hard enough to keep up with the problem and we agree with Councilman Oddo that “It’s beyond amazing that people continue to romanticize graffiti” but we also think that efforts could be geared towards better solutions.

We have positive efforts going on in Staten Island including the Borough President’s clean up team, Councilman Oddo’s efforts and the work of the community affairs officers of our three precincts along with volunteer cleanups efforts.

This seems like something that will grab headlines for a day or two and then disappear while the graffiti will not.

It appears that sometimes we just miss the point.

Just this past summer a federal judge ordered the city to stop enforcing its ban on the on the possession of spray paint and broad-tipped markers. A city ban which was authored by Councilman Vallone.

While we feel Councilman’s frustration we ask that the City Council and the mayor’s office take some more direct efforts.

Here are some suggestions.

Use the Department of Sanitation’s power to give fines to property owners who do not remove graffiti.

Have the owners sign waivers giving us permission to have our teams remove the graffiti in lieu of the fine.

Hold Realtors responsible for unoccupied locations that need graffiti removed. Place liens on the locations payable at closing if waivers are not signed.

You will see how many new waivers come pouring in. Also a clean location is an easier sell

Reach out to schools to coordinate anti graffiti efforts.

We are willing to give community service credits to students who help with our graffiti cleanups.

We will also give community credit to students who get signed waivers for locations that need graffiti removed.

Reach out to schools to adopt areas near the school’s location and make them “graffiti free areas”

Help fund public awareness

How many people know that they can receive a reward for supplying information that leads to the arrest of an offender (refuse to call them graffiti artists)?

How many senior citizens know that they can be reimbursed by NYS Crime Victims for the cost of removing graffiti from their property?

How many parents even think twice about their children’s books or possessions covered in tags or the fact that they need spray paint or broad-tipped markers.

How many parents know that their young children can participate in graffiti removal paint overs with community groups and the NYPD?

How many students are aware the District Attorney has been and will continue to prosecute offenders to the fullest?

How many people are aware that we have hardly any paint for paint overs at the Sanitation Department on Staten Island and that most times we have to go into Brooklyn for paint and supplies?

People need to know, and the City Council and the mayor’s office should put more emphasis on getting the word out.

Do people know that if you mix multiple colors of paint you will wind up with tan and that we have a paint sore owner who is willing to supply us with all his old paint if we have any major paint-overs that can be done in tan?

We will continue to do our part

Weekly graffiti removal outings….but we need locations, waivers and volunteers

We will remove graffiti free of charge from any vinyl fence free of charge…..put we need funds to purchase non toxic remover which our volunteers can use.

Finally get the SIEDC the Chamber of Commerce and all three community boards to pass this information on.

Also let them know that we will paint over any business that has had its security grates graffitied free of charge…..we only need a waivers

These are the things that we need to do instead of chasing after Arizona beverages.

Real hands on efforts.

Because if we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.


Energy drink tagged as graffiti-friendly

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